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Special Needs Planning
Pooled Disability Trusts: Their Time is Now
Plan for the future of your special-needs child
How to Find the Right Special Needs Planning Attorney
How to Set Up a Special Needs Trust
Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption Benefits Certain Disabled Individuals
Estate Planning
Modern Marriage for Seniors and Soon-to-be-Seniors (Baby Boomers)
Appeals Court Rejects 2004 Will Based on Lack of Capacity
Pros and Cons of Family Protection Trusts
Passage of Homestead Reform Legislation Expands Protection
Why Plan Your Estate?
So, You've Been Appointed Trustee: What Now?
Protect Your Family From Divorce and Creditors
What Legacy Will You Leave?
Choice of Trustee
Elder Law
The Virtues of Private Reverse Mortgages
10 Steps to Less Stressful Caretaking
Long-Term Care Planning and MassHealth Planning
Trends in Elder Law: Expanded Community Benefits
Transfers to Children of Medicaid Applicant in Exchange for Promissory Notes Not Actuarially Sound
Advisory Committee’s Report on Long-Term Care Financing in Massachusetts Falls on Deaf Ears (So Far)
Bloom Wins Significant MassHealth Appeal
Court of Appeals Rejects Caregiver Contract
Rights of Massachusetts Nursing Home Residents
What to Do About Doherty
6 Tips for Helping Parents with Finances
What Legacy Will You Leave?
Special Education Advocacy
Special Education: ‘Medical Model’ or ‘Educational model’ ?
Compensatory Services
What does ‘Effective Progress’ really mean?
Least Restrictive Enivornment
What does ‘FAPE’ really mean?